Karachi is projected to be
submerged underwater by 2060,
in just 37 years!

There is so far no plan to deal with the potential catastrophe. The infrastructural mayhem is only increasing vulnerabilities.
We, at Karachi Cartography, strongly believe that planning and redesigning without a comprehensive understanding of past, present, and potential precarity will only exacerbate dysfunctionality and increase vulnerabilities. That’s why our Phase 1: Cartographic Analysis, of mapping the city, with a focus on water systems, is essential in developing effective solutions.

We are building an Open-Access Map Repository, which will together form the first socio-climatic map of the urban area in its entirety. This monumental task will uncover the evolution of the city through maps, and facilitate the creation of projections for its future. We are also creating the first digitized Katchi Abadi Map for Karachi, to determine the communities most vulnerable to climate crisis. Further, we are also developing a One-Stop Climatic Map that will highlight location-based susceptibilities to weather related events.

Eventually, we aim to use our learning for just design, advocacy, and planning!

1. 2060 Projections: National Institute of Oceaneography, Pakistan


We're a team committed to creating spatio-social justice in the face of changing climate!

Core Team

Namra Khalid

Founder & Director

Hafsa Ashfaque

Visual Design Lead

Umme Abiha Mehdi

Spatial Research Lead

Mikail Hashmi

Communication & Marketing Lead

Ghasharib Shoukat

Agriculture Specialist, Historian

Hurmat Ejaz

Environmental Manager

Ahad Ali

Spatial Designer

Jehanzeb Faraz

GIS Specialist

Lamya Khalid

Economic Development Specialist

Hassan Salman

Research Assistant

Interns 2022 - 23

Aneeza Khan
A levels
Cedar College, 2022

Hassan Salman
BSc. (Hons) Social Development & Policy
Habib University, 2023

Huma Sultan
Bachelors of Architecture
National College of Arts (NCA), 2023

Iqra Arsalan
IB Diploma
Beaconhouse School System, 2024

Khatyan Hasaan
A levels
Sceptre College, 2024

Laila Bukhari
BA Sustainable Environment
Design UC Berkeley, 2025

Manaal Ahmed
A levels,
Karachi Grammar School, 2024

Neha Abid Sayeed
MA (Hons) History of Art
University of Edinburgh, 2024

Syeda Khudaija Reza
BSc. (Hons) Social Development & Policy,
Habib University, 2024

Syeda Zainab Rizvi
BA Communication & Design,
Habib University, 2024


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